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Construct your own space station without pushing it out of orbit! The components fly in from all sides randomly. Your goal is to build the biggest space station in the time allotted. Be careful: the force of the component attaching to your station may push it offscreen and out of orbit! You control the directionality of both your station and the components simultaneously. Build your station, stay in orbit, and avoid the meteoroids at all costs!  Waste of Space is an exciting game that constantly challenges you to think quickly and adapt to new circumstances.

Waste of Space is an arcade game inspired by the Makerspace and Space Station film at the St. Louis Science Center.  It was created by Webster Game Design students Sam "Kei" Falvey, Abram Donovan, and Tamsen Reed for the St. Louis Arcade Game Jam.

PC Controls:

Joystick 1: Arrow Keys

Joystick 2: "WASD"

Blue Button: "."

Red Button: "/"


WasteOfSpace.zip 19 MB

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